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Harvard College Information Sessions & Tours

Please use the calendar below to view daily schedules and register for Harvard College information sessions and tours.

Periodically, due to extreme visitor demand or other circumstances, it becomes necessary to restrict or “cap” the number of guests we can accommodate. On those designated occasions, visitors must register in advance. Our online reservation system will indicate what particular days are capped. It also will display when session and tour limits have been reached. At that stage, entrance to these events will be closed; walk-ins will not be allowed.

Registration for information sessions and tours is strongly recommended. Information sessions and tours require separate reservations. It better enables us to gauge available seating capacity, as well as to alert visitors to any sudden changes in schedule or location.

Harvard College students play an integral role in our information sessions and tours. Their first-hand descriptions of campus life can substantially enhance the visitor experience. At various points in the academic year, however, our students are unable to join us, typically during semester breaks and examination periods. We prefer not to offer information sessions or tours at such times, and our schedule will reflect these circumstances.
Guests always are welcome to obtain self-guided tour maps at the Harvard College Admissions Visitor Center.

Please note that we cannot accommodate groups of more than 10. For a group tour, please contact the Harvard Information Center

For security purposes, the University strictly forbids our office from storing luggage or other personal property during the course of your visit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may produce, especially for families who have traveled long distances to join us.

Except for water in a closed container, no beverages or food will be permitted inside information sessions.

You may cancel or update your registration at any time. Please note: any information you provide will be used for planning purposes only. It will have no bearing on the admissions process should you decide to apply to Harvard.

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